Week 1 - Object-oriented design

The week

It has been a hectic week at Makers. Everything kicked off on Monday 26th September. The first day of the 12 weeks adventure where we will learn to learn, face challenges, get stuck, fight, and, eventually, find the solution and create amazing projects along the way.

This morning I got to Makers with a mix of excitement and fear. I met one of my colleagues who I already knew from the pre-course at the Google Campus, Rosie, and we couldn’t hide our excitement just at the entrance of the building.

During the day we had some meetings and talks about what life would be at Makers for the next few weeks. We had professional photos taken, and started getting familiar with the weekly routine.

First day at Makers Academy

On Friday we had a social event with food and drinks, so we could talk to each other and meet some students from August’s cohort. We played games and enjoyed the night. It was a great week!

What I learnt

In the first week as a software developer student I learnt the process of learning, avoiding asking for the answer straight away and instead finding it myself. Sometimes it can be frustrating to spend hours fighting with a challenge, but in the end trying to solve something yourself is the better way to learn, I guess… 🙄

We started working with our pair, which changed every day, on the weekly challenge. For me, pair programming was an eye-opening experience, very useful and positive.

The weekly challenge

In this week challenge we created a network of docking stations and bikes that anyone can use. We built a program that emulates all the docking stations, bikes, and infrastructure. Cool!

To do that, we implemented user stories using Ruby, and RSpec to test the code. Also, irb proved really useful to see the real behaviour of the program.


This week I struggled getting used to my new routine. Learning lots of new things and remembering the names of all my 38 new colleagues! But I’m ready to start week two!

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