Pre-course: Week 4

Today I had this funny feeling. A mixture of excitement and fear. It has been the last week of the pre-course. Next Monday we will start the onsite course! After these 4 weeks I feel a lot more confident with the command line, Git, and Ruby, and I’m even able to solve more Codewars katas than just a couple of weeks ago! I can’t wait to see what I’m capable of in 12 weeks time.

This week’s challenge was a pair programming exercise on Fizz buzz using RSpec and Test-driven development. It was fairly straightforward, but I was surprised to see how useful and efficient pair programming is. It’s true that four eyes are better than two, and two brains are better than one. Solving the weekly challenge using this methodology was really eye-opening. After my pair and I finished the exercise, we moved on to pairing on random Codewars katas.

Because this week was far less stressful than previous ones, I had time to review and practice things I struggled with during the pre-course: recursion, classes, procs and blocks… Also, I went through RSpec tutorials such as Testing with RSpec.

So that’s all! Tomorrow we are starting the real thing! 🚀

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