Week 2 - Further OOD

The week

Week two passed so quickly. I really enjoyed learning and collaborating with my pairs this week.

I felt a lot more confident, even though I’m still trying to digest last week’s knowledge. Something that I found particularly useful was meditation. Dana is great at helping us analyse how we feel, and teaching how to control our emotions. After each session, I feel my stress levels drop significantly and I come back to work with a fresh mind.

What I learnt

This week I struggled managing my workflow using GitHub and finding the best way to change roles as a pair programmer. We tried Git pong and the collaborator model, which involves cloning the repository of one of the collaborators’ repository and then pulling and pushing to it. I find it a lot easier to use, so for now, I’m working this way. It makes life a lot easier so that we can focus on learning.

The week’s challenge was fun. We worked on a real project, building a more complex system using our skills in code design, Ruby, RSpec and object-oriented programming.


This week I struggled with creating new classes, and managing instance variables and methods. I spent a few hours trying and failing, analysing RSpec errors and solving them one by one. Also, using doubles and stubs appropriately was very challenging.

By the end of the week I learnt so much and felt a lot more confident using RSpec. But also realised the extent to which I need to review key concepts I struggle with to solidify my learning.

Next week we will learn about the web. So exciting! 🕷

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