Pre-course: Week 3

This was an exciting week. We put into practice our command line and Ruby skills to complete the weekly challenge. We worked on a student directory following the steps given in the documentation in order to create an interactive database of students.

We learnt to play with the way we ask the user for input and how we display it (e.g sorting the students by cohort, or selecting them by the first letter of their name). We also practised creating an interactive menu so that, depending on the option that the user has selected, our program will execute something different: entering user input, saving the entered information to a file, or loading it back from the file.

A very important task that we had to keep in mind throughout the whole exercise was refactoring the code to keep it DRY. It’s awesome to see how clean and clear your code can turn with some adjustments. My goal is to be able to write clean code from the beginning, but I know that it’ll take time and practice. 😄

To end this week the best way possible, I attended July’s cohort graduation on Friday afternoon. What a fantastic opportunity to see what previous students had done for their final projects! Amazing mobile apps and games that blew my mind. They had done a great job! Most of them used completely new technologies that they learnt on their own, such as C#, Elixir, Sinatra or React.

After the presentation there was a party, pizza and drinks. A very welcoming environment where we could chat with students and graduates about their projects and how life is at Makers Academy. There is only one week left of the pre-course, and my colleagues and I can’t wait to start the onsite course. Hopefully, in 13 weeks from now, we will be creating amazing things!

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