Pre-course: Week 2

I can’t believe that it’s Sunday and the second week of the pre-course has finished! It was pretty intense, but very rewarding as well. All the effort and time spent understanding the exercises of Chris Pine’s Learn to Program book gave fruit. We had to read and complete the exercises of chapters 9 to 14. They were significantly harder than the previous ones.

I met some of my classmates at the Google Campus this week, and all of us were struggling on the same points. Chapter 10, which dealt with recursion, was the toughest part for sure! After this chapter everything seemed more enjoyable, particularly Chapter 13, which talked about creating and manipulating classes. I found the exercises in this chapter very interesting: we created an orange tree growth tracker, and an interactive game where the user has to take care of a baby dragon by entering different commands.

Also, we had to practice all the Ruby we had learnt by doing katas. Codewars is tough when you start, but it becomes more fun as you get used to how it works. It’s really rewarding to see your proficiency improve (slightly) day by day.

By the end of this week I have spent so much time and effort comprehending new concepts, building on stuff I already knew, and sharing with my amazing colleagues our frustrations and happiness… I’m really enjoying my learning journey, and I’m looking forward to starting week 3!

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